Types of vacation

Today, travel agencies offer their customers a huge amount of tours to suit all tastes, and make it easier to navigate all this variety they are divided into groups according to the type of recreation. And what are these types, you will learn from this article.

Active rest

Active rest

Beach holidays
The most popular type of vacation that allows you to soak up the beach and enjoy the gentle sea breeze. Ideal for beach holidays are: Turkey, Cyprus, Tunisia, Egypt, UAE, Thailand and other.

Excursion vacation
Is a journey with a rich excursion program in several cities and stay in different hotels.

Almost all tours are in Western Europe.

Cruise – an opportunity to visit as comfortable as possible in different parts of the world. Journey to the liner allows the afternoon sightseeing of different cities and countries, and in the evening enjoy a varied program on the ship: The Masquerade, karaoke, games and all kinds of shows.

Exotic tours
This type of vacation is intended for those who do not want to rest all have dreams and extraordinary sensation of roaring waterfalls, impenetrable jungle, crystal clear sea and tropical vegetation and food. You are among them? Then your country – Maldives, Cuba, Dominican Republic, India, China, Malaysia, Seychelles and the island of Bali.

Ski holidays
The ideal solution for those who love the combination of snow and relaxation. The most popular resorts of the plan are the ski slopes of Andorra, Italy, Austria and France.

Winter rest

Winter rest

Healing vacation
This type of tourism for those who not only want to relax during the holidays, but also to improve their health.

By therapeutic recreation, as a rule, include: thalassotherapy, massage, SPA-procedures, anti-stress and anti-aging programs, cosmetic and relaxation programs, weight loss programs and other health treatments.

The best health resorts are considered to be Israel, Italy, France, Austria, Slovenia, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Hungary.

Sport and extreme rest
This holiday for those who can not see my life without the thrill – those who love to overcome difficulties, to fight against the elements and risk. If you are among them, your country – Turkey, Thailand, Egypt and Portugal (more precisely its coast).

For sports and adventure holidays usually include: safari, rafting, scuba diving, windsurfing, trekking and the like.