Going on vacation – collection phase

Gathered on vacation? Have chosen a good place to relax and have bought a ticket, do you think there are only pack the bags for a couple of days prior to departure? Whatever the case. Preparation for release should begin several weeks before departure, and when and what to do, find out below.

Going on vacation

Going on vacation

For 2 – 3 weeks before the holidays
Check out all the documents (visa, passport, permission to leave the children) for the duration. Perhaps it is time to change this or any other document (changed his name, came a certain age, etc.), or to paste a new picture of the child. Agree, it’s better to find this kind of problem in a couple of weeks before departure, when there is still time to replace them than to run around in a panic for a couple of days, not knowing what to do.

5 days prior to departure
Time to pack your bags. Think early? Not at all, so you can help protect yourself from anything to forget. Better organized to gather first two piles, one put things you want to take with you, and the second – cosmetics, hygiene products, books and first aid kit. Second pile immediately laid in a suitcase, and divide in half and the first take with only half (it does not allow you to pull a load with extra clothes, which, as practice shows, usually not even worn).

For 2 – 3 days before departure
Find someone who at the time of your absence will care for your pets or plants. Well, if he is able to retrieve mail from the mailbox and come to your apartment in the evening light the light, so you will protect your home from intruders (thieves).

The day before departure
Check availability in your bag of money and documents and make cleaning the apartment. Agree to return to a clean house after the holidays will be much more pleasant.

Fortunately you relax!