Terms comfortable trip

An important part in the whole holiday experience is always the road, which can be overcome by car, train, bus and plane. Today we talk about the latter, but rather that you should do to you from flights were only good memories.

Terms comfortable trip

Terms comfortable trip

So, the basic components of a comfortable trip are:

1. The correct choice of seats on the plane
For lovers of sleep all the way recommend immediately take the place of the window.

People who suffer from vascular disease and those who have a weak bladder or stomach, it is better to take seats near the aisle, because first it will be useful sometimes to walk through the cabin, and the second will not have to disturb the neighbors once again to go to the bathroom.

Those who are very cradles should be preferred to place near the wing, but those who would like to enjoy the view from the window of such places, on the contrary, should be avoided.

Tall people due to the small distance between the rows of seats will be convenient first salon or in a chair next to the emergency exit. But keep in mind that the front rows are often given to passengers with children, so there is likely to be very noisy.

2. Foresight
Do not expect the service to be impeccable in the plane and flight attendants will satisfy all your wishes. Take care of themselves: please bring all necessary medications, inflatable pillow, book and lozenges.

3. Accounting for all the details
Minimize the discomfort of jet lag will help correct the timing of the flight. So if you’re heading to the West should depart in the morning or afternoon (to sleep on the plane is not necessary), and if the East, then – in the evening (sleep on the plane – a prerequisite). And to minimize the leaking of the body, do not put on a trip narrow clothing and shoes.

As you can see, nothing extraordinary, but it will make your flight as comfortable as possible.

Bon Voyage!