Pas De La Casa – Grau Roig (Andorra)

Pas De La Casa – Grau Roig – the most famous and largest resort in Andorra, located on the border with France. He is one of the most popular mountain resort in the Pyrenees (located at an altitude of 2000 meters) and is formed by four snowy valleys and several ski resorts. All this combined to create the largest area for skiing in the territory of the country.

Pas De La Casa - Grau Roig (Andorra)

Pas De La Casa – Grau Roig (Andorra)

Ski resort of Pas de la Casa – Grau Roig is designed for all categories of athletes from beginners skiers and snowboarders children to professionals. It has all the conditions for classical skiing, snowboarding mogul professionals and amateurs downhill.

At the bottom of Pas de la Casa has a trail for night skiing and slalom track. And in the area of the second and third Grau Roig valley, downhill enthusiasts will find a considerable expanse and variety of nakatistyh and wide trails. Guarantee the safety of athletes is the alternation of steep slopes and flat areas. Thanks to a long rolled out, snow spaces and distraction on the slopes skiing, speed skating really a no-brainer. With respect to lifters queues, they are absent. This is provided by 31 lift.

The resort offers excellent conditions for children. There is a nursery for tots from one to three years, a garden for kids (from three to six years), in addition there are many playgrounds.

Almost next to the lifts there are hotels of different categories with their bars, restaurants and discos. The most popular local institutions can be called a panoramic restaurant located on Coll Blanc, and a British pub, which we encourage you to definitely visit.