If you are going on a journey, the first thing every tourist checks documents. Not to forget this important matter will help our article.

So, for 1 – 3 days of departure you must be prepared a package of documents, which includes:



passport (regular or biometric)
Basic requirements for this document:

  • a signature of the passport holder
  • the presence of printing (hologram) in the photo
  • the active life of the passport (in accordance with the requirements of the country you plan to visit)
  • neatness document (no grease stains, tears and other)

There are different classifications of visas, in this context, is only interested in two types of visas: a standard visa, visa on arrival.

Standard Visa – is a permit that allows you to cross the border of one or another (sometimes more), issued at the Embassy at home. As an example, can be called a Schengen visa.

Visa on arrival – does not require prior registration, and stamped upon arrival in this or that country, for example, it is used in Cuba, Egypt, Tunisia and Thailand.

There are countries, such as Cyprus, which uses a simplified visa regime. He is filing through the Internet in the country’s interests, within one working day of your application is reviewed and sent back to you. The resulting document you print (it will be a kind of visa) and presented at the border.

Visa (Schengen)

Visa (Schengen)

And there are countries where a visa is not needed (presented only passport) – is Israel, Turkey, Belarus, Vietnam and others.

Medical Insurance

Voucher (VOUCHER)


Documents on the child, if the latter goes with you
These include: passport of the child (if the child is still small, it will be replaced by an entry in their parent’s passport photo), a birth certificate and a ticket. If the child is traveling alone or with only one parent, it still needed a permit to travel from the other parent or both, respectively.